Handmade production in Germany

We are proud of our handmade production located in the heart of Germany. Every watch strap is manufactured using up to 170 production steps. This labor intensive technique allows us to provide you with these most exclusive watch straps at the highest possible level of quality.

Close ties to tradition,
committed to Zeitgeist

A great amount of time is dedicated to the manufacturing of our watch straps. The leather is elaborately processed by hand according to the rules of traditional leather craftsmanship. Our leather products each represent a unique masterpiece. We consider our products in line with other masterpieces produced from leather, just like a well-made Italian shoe or a luxurious leather handbag.

It takes something special
to make something special

We handpick the materials used to craft our watch straps and diligently prepare them before the final strap is made. We utilize the highest grades of leather available – each of them with a history. Buying a JUNIK. watch strap means buying an exclusive, limited-run luxury product of the highest quality, reliability and longevity.

Find your strap. Be JUNIK.

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