"Based in Munich, Germany, JUNIK. Lifestyle is an independent watch strap manufacturer that sources vintage leather from sports cars and private jets to make unique watch straps. Its latest model ‘Reggio’, is a black-and-red racing strap that incorporates leather from the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider steering wheel — there are only five available.

This year, Junik launched an aeronautics range made from parts of the Bombardier Challenger Learjet and Eurocopter.

Billionaire.com sat down with one half of the founding team, Sebastian Zureich, to understand the inspiration behind the venture.." 


"... with the aftermarket sector picking up speed and a spate of new names coming out to offer replacement straps of every material in every color you can imagine, how do we weed out the mediocre to find something truly distinctive? ...

... distinction which truly sets it apart in an increasingly crowded market. That’s right, JUNIK offers replacement watch straps made of leather that once graced the seats, headrests and dashboards of private jets and luxury automobiles."


"... JUNIK. Leder stammen aus Privatjets, seltenen Sportwagen und anderen Sammlerstücken (Leder aus Sätteln von Rennpferden, Riemen von Gitarren, oder auch Vintage Handtaschen für die Damenkollektion), die Zeugen der Zeitgeschichte geworden sind. Die Anzahl Uhrenarmbänder, die aus einem Leder hergestellt werden können ist limitiert, daher gibt es maximal 50 Stück. Die Namen der Uhrenarmbänder beziehen sich auf Orte, die eine wichtige Rolle in der Historie des Leders spielen." 

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