Extraordinary straps and beyond

We believe to deliver something really special it is not enough to produce extraordinary watch straps. That is why your JUNIK. watch strap comes in a handmade wooden case. Depending on whether you choose your new strap for an Apple Watch or a classic watch, your JUNIK. packaging will include the necessary tool to mount your strap.

Attention to detail and made to impress

Finest raw materials, handcrafted with great attention to detail. The exclusive aura of JUNIK. watch bands continues in our packaging. Each box carries a certificate with the band's name, its limited edition number, as well as a description of the individual history of the leather your strap was made of. Let the JUNIK. case become an eye catcher on your bedside table or office desk.

Handmade in Bavaria, ecologically sourced

As quality is one of our mantras, we continue to follow this mantra when producing the watch strap's packaging. Your packaging is handmade by our experienced craftsmen located in the Bavarian countryside. Since quality comprises sustainability, the wood for our cases is not only carefully selected but also ecologically sourced.