General remarks

We collected some advice to help you with the removal of your old watch strap and the fitting of your JUNIK. watch band. It is an easy process that can be completed in less than ten minutes.

However, we advise you to consult the manual of your watch first. Please also ask your preferred watchmaker to change the strap for you if you feel uncomfortable to do it yourself. Your watchmaker will change it in no time and it should not cost much.

Set up work area

You will need our spring bar tool which comes with every JUNIK. strap. Set up your work area on a clean and even surface. Cover your work area with a soft material, e.g. a towel or felt, to protect the watch from scratches. Always work from the back side of your watch. Take your time to prevent unnecessary scratches on your beloved timepiece.

Remove leather strap

1. It is easiest to access the spring bar from the back side of the watch. Insert the fork of your spring bar tool between the edge of the strap and the watch lug. The spring bar has a ridge that the tool will grab, allowing it to compress.

2. Gently apply pressure inwards towards the strap (away from the watch) to depress the spring bar. At the same time, apply some downward pressure. When you feel the spring bar engage, pop it out. Be careful not to press too hard/fast. The tool may slip and damage your strap or scratch your watch.

Remove metal strap

1. This step is optional, but it makes life easier. On the clasp of the bracelet, depress and remove the micro-adjustment spring bar from the clasp (use the push-pin end of your spring bar tool). This will allow the bracelet to spread apart, giving you better access to the back of the watch.

2. On the back side of the watch, where the bracelet meets the lug, there will be two recesses on each side. These recesses let you insert the forked end of your tool onto the spring bar ridge. Apply pressure away from the watch case (towards the bracelet) to depress the spring bar.

3. With the spring bar depressed, you will need to wiggle the bracelet end out of the watch lug. You might have to depress both ends of the spring bar, making sure the other end doesn't snap back into the hole. The bracelet end generally fits tightly into the lugs, so this step might take a few tries.

Fit your JUNIK. watch band

1. Take the spring bar out of your old strap and insert it into the new JUNIK. watch strap. Slide your spring bars into the hole on the long and the short end of the strap. Push them all the way in so they are centered inside the watch strap.

2. Again work from the back side of your watch. Remember, the long end of the JUNIK. strap (with the holes) goes on the top of the watch (12 o'clock). Using your hands, place the end of the strap into the lug. From there use the fork tool to hold back the other end of the spring bar while sliding it back into position. When you hear a small click, you have finished changing your JUNIK. strap. Use your spring bar tool to depress the other end of the spring bar, so it slides inside the watch lug.

3. Make sure both ends of the spring bar securely snap into their holes, or the strap will fall off the watch. Repeat the process on the other end of the watch. You are all finished!

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