Fiorano – Ferrari 458 Italia


The Fiorano Circuit (44°32'04"N 10°51'29"E), located just outside of Modena,  is Ferrari’s private race course. It is also hometurf to one of their latest super sport cars, the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, with its V8 engine and 570bhp.

Our "Fiorano" takes up the challenge to bring the automotive emotion of this machine to your wrist. Limited to only two pieces and made from the finest perforated leathers of a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider’s steering wheel, this very exclusive watch strap edition is an undisputed must-have for any Ferrari addict.

We wanted this strap collection to be something really special. The inner sides of the straps are made from finest natural rubber to optimize durability under the most demanding conditions and to make it the ideal strap for racing sports. Its light grey stitching complements the matt black leather with its stunning perforation perfectly. Your Fiorano is a rembordé strap handcrafted in Germany using 170 manual production steps.

Fiorano – an homage to Italian racing.     



Limited edition 2 pieces
Sizes 20mm lug width
18mm buckle width
Buckle 316L polished stainless steel butterfly buckle – Made in Germany (optional)
Material Perforated leather steering wheel of Ferrari 458 Italia Spider
Design Light grey stitching, 7 stitches per 2cm
Manufacturing Handcrafted full-bugg strap – Made in Germany
Compatibility Classic watch
Apple Watch (38mm version)