Marignane – Eurocopter


Marignane (43°26'12"N 5°13'59"E) is a little town in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in Southern France and home to the world-famous Airbus Helicopters.

The “Marignane” strap is handmade from the stunning grey leather of a Eurocopter EC 135-P2 which previously operated in the North Sea. Inspired by the leather’s aura of adventure, our designers developed a masterpiece which combines genuine craftsmanship with aeronautic history. Your Marignane is a rembordé strap handcrafted through 140 manual production steps. Made in Germany.

Marignane - vintage design meets aeronautic precision.  



Limited edition 30 pieces
Sizes 20 or 24mm lug width
18 or 22mm buckle width
Buckle 316L polished stainless steel butterfly buckle - Made in Germany
Material Pilot seats of Eurocopter EC 135-P2
Design Steel grey stitching, 7 stitches per 2cm
Manufacturing Handcrafted full-bugg strap - Made in Germany
Compatibility Classic watch
Apple Watch